How To Make A Great Cold Call
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How To Make A Great Cold Call

What is a Cold Calling?

Cold Calling is defined as making an unsolicited visit or a telephone call to someone, in an attempt to sell goods or services who have had no prior contact with the salesperson making the call.

A good way to make cold calls more appealing is to stop thinking them as a “cold” calls. Try thinking them as “introductory” calls instead. All you are trying to do is to introduce yourself and your business to the prospect. Things that Matters and decide a cold call whether it will successful or not depends on some key factors. That we will discuss below.

Make Sure You are targeting the right People

Step one to making a great cold call is to make sure you are calling the right person. The one who might be interested in buying your product. Make the right list of prospect


Make a good first Impression


You only get one chance to make a good first Impression, that matters most. In the cold calling your opening line is equivalent to a handshake. Companies or People buy your products but before that you have to sell yourself through phone call.

So,first line should be presented in most effective way. Avoid use weak or overused sentences to start with that will increase your chances to terminate the call. For example, “Is this a good time to talk?” According to a recent study prospects mostly answered this type of question in a negative manner. This will decrease your chances to get success.

Know Your Goal

Your ultimate goal is to sell the products but initially you shouldn’t be start like you are selling something. Try to introduce yourself in a very honest and open manner. Don’t make the mistake of deceiving or misleading your prospect. Your Prospect are smart people, if they find you misleading them, that will lose all your hope to selling the product. Your immediate goal is to gain the trust of the prospect.

Offer Something of Value

Prospect could be interested in your product but maybe they are hesitating to invest their money in your product. So, you should offer them something of value first. For example, this could be a demo or insight or free review of your product.

Be prepared

Be prepared for every cold call. Practice, Practice and Practice again until you own your pitch. Prospect might have some doubt about your products, and you don’t know what will come next, So Practice is the most important thing that needed.

Make a common script in which write down what you going to say and what responses the prospect is likely to have. Don’t use that word to word all the time but most of the time you should roam around that script.

Stand up and speak positively

Being positive and standing up helps project your voice better. This will the confidence in your call. Strengthen your arguments by being upfront and honest. This will help in gaining the trust of prospect, which is most important in securing a successful deal.