How To Get Promoted From Inside Sales
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How To Get Promoted From Inside Sales

Inside sales is a type of sales where the sales person reaches the clients through phone calls, Email or the internet. It does not involve any physical interaction between the sales person and the potential client at any one point before the sale.

Disadvantages of inside sales.

The sales person can’t demonstrate the working of the product therefore making it difficult to convince the client that they need the product or service.

Inside sales is less personal, a sales person needs to connect with the client at a personal level so that the client is able to trust them and therefor increasing the chances of the client buying,

On a face to face basis a sales person is able to read the facial expressions of a client and therefore tell them what they feel is right, on the phone or internet this is impossible.

Most companies have targets that sales personnel must hit and they may also get paid on commission. Inside sales may make it difficult for a sales person to reach their maximum potential. If you are a sales person who wants to get out of the inside here is how to get promoted from inside sales.

Consistently hit your target and KPI

This the number one way to get promoted. Whatever inside sales target you are given do it to the best of your ability and if possible surpass the target. This will show your bosses that you are dedicated and therefore a suitable candidate to represent the company in the outside world.

Demonstrate your product or service knowledge.

Whatever product or service you are given to sell, study it and have all the knowledge at the tip of your fingers. Proving to the client that you are knowledgeable about the product by answering all their questions improves your chances of selling. This also increases your value to the company and soon you will be out selling.

Showcase your ability to talk and sell face to face.

Grab any opportunity you may get to prove your face to face selling skills. This may be at a training session or any other opportunity. Be the first to volunteer for any demonstration and be sure to nail it. . Prove you are as good at outside sales as you are in inside sales.

Make it known that you want the promotion.

There is no way that your bosses can know without you letting them know. Talk to your manager about your career goals and ask them to consider you in case any opportunity arises. Ask them for tips on what you should do in order to the perfect candidate for a promotion if a chance opens up.

Outside sales has many advantages such as, you get to manage your own schedule, you are not in the same old place daily and definitely higher sales which directly results to a higher commission. This is a great opportunity for you to improve your career.

Follow the above tips and be on your way to a better sales career with better pay and a chance to grow in your career.