5 Key Traits of a Successful Salesperson
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5 Key Traits of a Successful Salesperson

Although it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause, there are several things that make someone a successful salesperson. Success is defined by the ability to see a situation and make the most out of that situation accomplishing either personal or business goals. Among the many qualities of a successful salesperson, below are five that shine out among the rest.

Highly Motivated

Successful salespeople are highly self-motivated sales-starters. Customers today are incredibly intelligent. It is easy to spot those salespeople who are there for the money or have a passion for their job. Passion and being highly motivated often go hand in hand.

When a salesperson has a joy and a drive for what they are doing, not only are they more satisfied but their clients are also more satisfied. Motivation derives from several forms: money, advancement, long and short-term goals, etc. Those who are best at what they do have a variety of these motivators, and they are clearly defined in the salesperson’s mind.

Enjoy Challenges

Salespeople who are successful enjoy challenging situations and the “unknown” as much as they like helping people find solutions to their problems. Challenges arise in every situation, but especially in fields that involve customer service. Many times, salespeople are thrown curve-balls whether those be angry customers, confusion, disappointment, or others.

Being able to approach each situation with both an open mind and the confidence that you can tackle any situation thrown at you helps a salesperson enjoy the challenge at hand. It is important to remember that we only improve when we are put into difficult situations. If challenges are part of the job, then enjoying the challenge will help with part of the growth process and make you more successful.

Great Communicators

A successful salesperson knows what to say and when to say it. Not only are they good at reading people, but they are articulate and can speak clearly about the problem, product, or service to provide solutions for that particular customer.

Timing is everything. Salespeople are constantly interacting with clients, other co-workers, employees, and the administration. Communication in any situation is key especially when stressful situations arise.

It is important to remember that good communication is a skill. Those salespeople who are more fulfilled at and do better in their jobs have excellent communication skills which are often developed through practice, observation, and above all, preparation.


In general, salespeople are goal-oriented. But what defines a successful salesperson is that goals are on multiple levels as they strive to achieve their targets and KPIs. Goals and being highly motivated often play into one another. Those salespeople who do better at their job and are more satisfied with their own perform have goals on multiple levels, both professional and personal.

At the same time, the ability to be goal-oriented comes from an understanding of the situation. When a salesperson knows the goals of both the company and his/her direct administration, they can design both long and short-term goals for themselves to help the company and admin achieve them. Personal goals should not be neglected, however.

The most successful salespeople have their own goals in mind, too. Whether those goals be an advancement in a job, working towards a raise, or simply working hard up until an earned vacation time, having personal long and short-term goals helps a salesperson be both successful in business and in his/her own personal lives.

Networkers and Relationship Driven

Successful salespeople understand the importance of relationships and connections within businesses and how effective networking can help close deals. It is not what you know but rather who you know, and as the old saying goes, “don’t burn bridges.” Though there are thousands of people in the world, it is still a small world, and you never know when you might see someone again.

Networking and building connections are important for personal and business goals. Salespeople come across so many people a day that their lives revolve around a constant cycle of connection. Frequently, networking ties into communication.

Salespeople who work to build strong networks and are relationship driven have an easier time both communicating and closing deals. Their communication with the clientele improves drastically as well. When a salesperson is relationship driven, he/she sees the client in a different light and is often able to empathize with the client’s needs and thereby be more successful at assisting with problems, explaining situations, and closing deals or selling products.